A Wander Down Memory Lane with The Fizz

the fizz

A Wander Down Memory Lane With The Fizz – So this is my first ever blog!  I was inspired by the band I loved as a child, Bucks Fizz.

I wanted to share my experience for a couple of different reasons;

  1. The importance of spending time with your loved ones.
  2. How looking back helps us to look forward.
  3. The lessons we can learn from The Fizz / Bucks Fizz.
  4. The power that music has in enriching our lives and creating memories worth having.

Memory Lane

Tony and I had a Father and Daughter night out and had a wander down memory lane. With working together we always make sure we have family time as sometimes work can take over.

We went to see The Fizz, formerly Bucks Fizz at the lovely Customs House in South Shields. When I was a little lass in the 1980’s Bucks Fizz was my favourite band.  I spent many happy times dancing around our living room and singing my heart out to their songs. I can only imagine what my Mam, Dad and Brother Ian had to put up with!

They were the first band I ever went to see live and they were on at the City Hall in 1982.  I still remember it. I was only five years old (yes showing my age now).

The Fizz

We didn’t know what to expect.  What we experienced was an amazing concert filled with music, humour and most importantly love. The history of Bucks Fizz is filled with every emotion that is available.  From huge success to the awful crash after their Newcastle gig in 1984, to one of the biggest fallouts a band has ever had.  New members and then coming back together again and learning from their experiences. Now having fun filled with gratitude. To me their story is a lot like life, it has its ups and downs and it’s fallouts. Most of all their story is about forgiveness and love. Which is what life is really all about.

The concert was a mixture of emotions for us.  I had to hold back from bursting into tears when they sang ‘The Land of Make Believe’ as that was my favourite song of theirs as a young lass and it still has a special place in my heart. I couldn’t keep the tears in when they sang ‘Now Those Days Are Gone’ though!

the fizz

My favourite person on that stage has to be Mike Nolan.  He is such a funny man and apart from the tears, I smiled most of the way through the concert thanks to that amazing man. The crash in 1984 changed his life forever, having to learn how to be Mike again. The crash left a legacy for him in terms of his health. My respect for him is enormous.  He has stolen my heart once again with his bravery and determination in life through what was a very difficult time.

The love and respect that they all have for each other could be felt by us in the audience.  I think that it is their love for each other that made Sunday such a special night.

From 1982 to 2017

Back in 1982, I was lucky enough that my Mam bought me a Bucks Fizz scarf from their tour.  I got some new memorabilia including their 35th Anniversary DVD from winning the Eurovision. It is amazing to have something from the same band from 1982 and in 2017! The inner band geek in me got very excited at getting a signed copy of their tour programme.

the fizzthe fizz




the fizz

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been listening to their new album as well as their old songs which I loved as a child.  I have a new found love for them and they have helped me reconnect with ‘Little Maria’ and what I felt and aspired for as a child. For me, that is so important. Our ‘Little Us’ inside needs that attention from our adult. Just because we grow taller and get older doesn’t mean we have to leave our younger selves behind. For that, I am eternally grateful to The Fizz.

‘Stars in your eyes, little one, Where do you go to dream, To a place we all know, The land of make believe’ x


Maria Wright – November 2017.

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