INLPTA Certified NLP Practitioner Training Course

We have developed our INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course to create holistic and comprehensive learnings. The content covered enables change and growth in your personal and professional life that is long lasting. Module Four – The Spiritual Practitioner is unique within an NLP training and complements the formal training and use of NLP which enhances your skill set and deepens your learnings in a fundamental way.

The INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course is held over 4 modules & enables integrated learning, practice time & allows time to experience what has been learnt in between modules. Each module is 4 days & held from a Friday to a Monday. Our intensive sixteen-day training programme is supported by a development manual.


Whether you are a coach, a therapist, a manager, a leader, looking for a change in career or in your personal life the NLP Practitioner Training is for you.

INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course
INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course


The INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course is 16 days in total and spread over four modules with each module building upon the one before. Once all four modules have been completed you will have a comprehensive awareness and skill set that will enhance your communication with others both in your personal life and in your business and career.

Module One of the NLP Practitioner training introduces you to NLP and begins to explore effective communication & the fundamental frames that make NLP work as well as develop techniques for setting & achieving outcomes.

INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course
INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course

Module Two of NLP Practitioner Training you will learn how to reframe communication, understand language in greater depth and learn how to work with strategies.  You will learn techniques for facilitating change in yourself & others & how to model excellence.

Module Three of NLP Practitioner you will learn the art of re languaging, models of language facilitating change in you & others, powerful change techniques that will allow you to support others in achieving deep emotional change.

INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course
INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course

Module Four of NLP Practitioner Training you will be introduced to the spiritual aspects of change and growth including, Multiple and Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Chakras & Ancient Hawaiian Huna.

Upon successful completion of the INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course, you will be certified by the International NLP Trainers Association as a Practitioner of NLP. The programme is a higher level skills course equivalent to NVQ Level 4. Download the full INLPTA NLP Practitioner Guidelines here  – INLPTA NLP Practitioner Standards.

Your investment in this life-changing training course is £1600.00  This includes your training manual, lunch, and refreshments.

Course Dates

Inlpta Certified NLP Practitioner Course – Autumn/Winter 2024

Module One – Friday 6th September to Monday 9th September 2024

Module Two – Friday 18th October to Monday 21st October 2024

Module Three – Friday 8th November to Monday 11th November 2024

Module Four – Friday 6th December to Monday 9th December 2024

Inlpta Certified NLP Practitioner Course – Spring/Summer 2025

Module One – Friday 7th March to Monday 10th March

Module Two – Friday 3rd April to Monday 7th April

Module Three – Friday 9th May to Monday 12th May

Inlpta Certified NLP Practitioner Course – Autumn/Winter 2025

Module Four – Friday 6th June to Monday 9th June

Module One – Friday 5th September to Monday 8th September 2025

Module Two – Friday 17th October to Monday 20th October 2025

Module Three – Friday 7th November to Monday 10th November 2025

Module Four – Friday 5th December to Monday 8th December 2025

How to Book INLPTA NLP Practitioner Training Course

Places on our courses are limited and as part of our booking policy we either have a chat over the phone or meet in person those who wish to attend our NLP Training Courses. This provides us with the opportunity to establish your outcomes for attending the NLP course, discuss the course in more detail and to get to know each other. Given the nature of the topics covered in our NLP Training Courses creating relationships and trust is key to obtaining your outcomes.

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