The World According to Monica – A Cats Guide to Life

This blog has been on my mind to write for a while now and today felt like the right time to write it.  The World According to Monica.  A Cats Guide to Life

My cat Monica was with me for 12 years and she taught me a great deal.  When she passed over in 2015 the whole family felt her loss.  She was a character and I think about her every day.

Now Monica did not suffer fools gladly.  Even when the canny old cat from up the street who I called Rambo (he looked like a Rambo kind of cat) took a liking to her.  I think he was in love with her and I think she quite liked him.  She was far to cool to let him know that.  She made sure he knew who was the boss.Cats Guide to LifeHe was the most gentlemanly cat I have ever met and would follow her around keeping his distance, if he didn’t she would wallop him across the face!  Every time she moved a step so did he.  I would often find him a few feet away from her while she was snoozing in the garden.

Cats Guide to Life

She didn’t really like females so I think she tolerated me for a long time.  When any man came to the house she would make a right fuss of them, especially her Granda Tony.  As she got older she chilled out a lot and her and I became good friends.  There were a few times when I was upset she would climb up and stroke my face to wipe the tears away.  These times were so special and she showed just how loving she was.

Monica’s Journey

When I first began my training in Hawaiian Huna Energy Healing I would send her energy.  At first, she would bite my hand and it looked like she had, had some catnip.  She got more used to it and she really enjoyed receiving the energy.  I am sure this helped her to be a lot calmer.

Cats Guide to Life

She went through a lot towards the end of her life.  She had a number of operations including losing an eye.  She was so brave and just took it in her stride.  We made a deal that she would let me know when it was time for her to go to Rainbow Bridge.  She did and it was on her terms, the same way as she had lived her life.

I didn’t know when she would let me know but I think she did.  The way the universe works always amazes me.  The day before all of the family came round to see her.  She loved all the attention and was back to her old self.  Again on her terms.



Now I am not writing this blog out of sadness.  This is to honor what Monica brought to my life and the lessons she had to teach.  When she passed I wrote out the lessons she taught me.  ‘The world according to Monica’.  It helped me a great deal in my grieving process.  They are a constant reminder to me of how to live by her lessons.  I want to share them as I think that they are fundamental principles to live by. Thank you Monica x

The World According to Monica – A Cats Guide to Life.Cats Guide to Life

  • Do what is right for you.
  • Follow your own path with dignity and courage.
  • Show love and compassion for your self and others.
  • Accept what is and leave the rest.
  • Live your life on your terms.


It took me some time to feel ready to have another cat in the family.  Eventually Cuddles the Wonder Cat came into my life and he has taught me so many things too, that is for another blog!

For now, I hope that Monica’s lessons have inspired you.

Live Your Life on Your Terms x

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