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How does NLP optimise individual and organisational performance?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is extremely powerful. It is said by many to contain all the positive and most useful aspects of modern psychology.  NLP has many beneficial uses in the business environment, for example, CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

NLP techniques offer a substantial advantage to most roles in organisations:

  • Directors and executives.
  • Managers at all levels.
  • Sales people.
  • Administrators.
  • Engineering and technical staff.
  • Customer care operatives.
  • Receptionists.
  • Secretarial staff.
  • Trainers.
  • HR and counselling staff.

NLP techniques help particularly by making it possible for people to:

  • Improve communication throughout your workforce.
  • Set clear goals and define realistic strategies.
  • Coach new and existing staff to help them gain greater satisfaction from their contribution.
  • Understand and reduce stress and conflict.
  • Improve new customer relationship-building and sales performance.
  • Enhance the skills of customer care staff and reduce customer loss.
  • Improve people’s effectiveness, productivity and thereby profitability.

NLP Operational Principles

NLP consists of a set of powerful techniques for rapid and effective behavioural modification, and an operational philosophy to guide their use. It is based on four operational principles as follows:

1. Know what outcome you want to achieve.

2. Have sufficient understanding of how you are ‘really’ progressing towards your outcome.

3. Have sufficient flexibility of behaviour so that you can vary your behaviour until you get your outcome.

4. Take action now.


It is important to have specific outcomes. Many people and businesses do not have conscious outcomes and wander randomly through. NLP stresses the importance of living with conscious purpose. In order to achieve outcomes, it is necessary to act and speak in certain ways. NLP teaches a series of linguistic and behavioural patterns that have proved highly effective in enabling people to change their own unuseful beliefs and behaviours as well as those of other people.

In using any of these patterns NLP stresses the importance of continuous calibration of the person or people you are interacting with in order to see if what you are doing is working. If it is not working it is important to do something different. The idea is to vary your behaviour until you get the results you want.

This variation in behaviour is not random. It involves the systematic application of NLP patterns. It is also important to take action since nothing ever happens until someone takes the initiative. In short, NLP is about thinking, observing and doing to get what you want out of life.

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