Our workshops are open to anyone wishing to learn new skills, who are interested in something a little different & for those who need some ‘me’ time.

Hawaiian Huna 2 Day Workshops

Are you curious about expanding your awareness and spiritual growth? To continue your journey to personal empowerment? Do you want to understand more about your connection to universal spirit?

Our series of workshops enable you to do just that and focus on the magical and healing power of Hawaiian Huna.

Huna is the name given to the ancient Hawaiian teachings for healing, knowledge and spiritual shamanism. This is an introduction to the Ancient Hawaiian Principles and how they can be used to benefit your life in the 21st Century.

Workshops assist in raising your awareness and assisting in letting go of old hurts and healing.


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Ancient Hawaiian Huna Principles.
  • Hawaiian Huna Healing.
  • Hawaiian Huna and the Heart, Mind & Spirit.
  • Hawaiian Healing with Ho’oponopono.
  • Dream Work the Hawaiian Way.

Spiritual Development 2 Day Workshops

Do you want to understand how to use your energy for healing and purpose?

Learn how to use your energy to enhance your life, discover the power of your dreams and intentions. Meet your spirit guide and learn about Chakra’s and your energy centres.

Our series of Spiritual Development Workshops are designed for you to learn, change and grow your spiritual connection.

Topics Include:

  • Discovering The Power of Your Energy.
  • Chakra Power.
  • Dream Catching.
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide.
  • Meditation for Well-Being.
  • 4 Week Personal Development Evening Workshops.
  • Vision Boarding for Success.

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