INLPTA Certified NLP Training Courses in North East England

NLP Training Courses – Are you looking for a change in your life or your career?  Do you want to add to the skills that you already have? Do you want to enhance your communication?

Our INLPTA Certified NLP Training Courses are recognised qualifications worldwide INLPTA Certified NLP Training Coursesand our trainers undergo intensive training to ensure your learning is of an exceptional standard.

We have developed our NLP Courses to create a holistic & comprehensive training. The content covered enables change and growth in your personal and professional life that is long lasting.

The Benefits of Attending NLP Training Courses

NLP Training has many benefits that help in both your relationships at work & in your personal life and provides you with tools, long lasting learnings about yourself and others.  You can use NLP in every aspect of your business from leadership. teamwork to customer service.  NLP has also many benefits for coaches and it enables even more effective communication with clients.

Attending an NLP Course has many benefits in your life, training in this field helps in dealing with stress, helps to improve your relationships, your communication, and understanding of yourself and others.

Change U NLP Courses in North East England

Payment plans are available for individuals on our NLP Training Courses.  Find out more information by contacting us at

INLPTA NLP Training Courses Payment Plans

Places on our courses are limited.  As part of our booking policy, we have a chat over the phone or meet in person.  This provides us with the opportunity to establish your outcomes for attending and we will also discuss the course in more detail and get to know each other.

Given the nature of the topics covered in our courses creating relationships and trust is key to obtaining your outcomes so that you get the most out of your training.

All of our NLP Courses are all being held at The Central Exchange in North Shields.  This is a beautiful, calm & private space.

INLPTA NLP Training Courses at The Central Exchange North Shields

Register your interest with or for more information click here and we will get in touch with you.





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