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Owner of North East Based Marketing Company

 Change U have a very special talent for developing people. Since I experienced their expertise at first hand during 2009, I have recommended their services many times. Change U have a natural capacity for making their clients feel better, which is a wonderful characteristic for business development and personal development trainers. They truly care about making a real difference to their clients and delights in witnessing their successful development.

Owner Manager of an Events Communication Business

"I had the pleasure of working with Change U in Autumn 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and do not believe I would have got what I did from the programme, had I gone to another provider. Their friendly and challenging style of training I found to be very unique and extremely effective. I can highly recommend them. On a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest, then eleven it would be - off the scale! Thanks guys"

Managing Director of Substance Abuse Clinic

"Change U came highly recommended through a business advisor. We hired Change U to deliver business training and support as well as NLP training to practitioner level. Because of the nature of the people we work with and subsequently the people we put forward for the training it was very challenging for Change U to come up with different and varied approaches to the training and to overcome problems and difficulties as they arose. Change U was innovative and flexible at all times and always willing to listen and accommodate. Thoroughly professional, reliable and expert in all relevant areas. I would give Change U my highest recommendation."

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