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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used in virtually every of your Business.

NLP has many benefits in business.  It enables better communications within your  team and in your customer service, and all types of selling.

Using NLP in Business has the following benefits:

• Improve sales and relationships with your customers.

• Enhances your customer care and understanding of your customers needs.

• Increases profitability.

• Sets clear and compelling outcomes.

• Sets clearly defined strategies.

• Unlocks the potential of your team.

• Creates effective communication across the whole of your business.

• Improves effectiveness of individual and team performance.

• Improves interpersonal relationships.

• Understanding and reduction of stress and conflict.

NLP improves understanding in all communications.

It is beneficial to use when interviewing and appraisals and making sure you employ the right staff for your business.

Gaining awareness of NLP techniques helps reduce stress and creates a climate of confidence within you and your workforce.

Roles which benefit from NLP Training range across all areas of your business:

For example:

• Directors and Executives

• Managers at all levels

• Sales People

• Administrators

• Engineering and Technical Staff

• Customer Care Operatives 

• Receptionists 

• Secretarial Staff

• Trainers

• HR and Counselling Staff

NLP Diploma Certification   

Our four day NLP Diploma is designed for workforce development and for those who want to increase their flexibility in all aspects of their lives and business.

Successful completion results in certification at Diploma level in NLP.

Gain an effective insight into ways of increasing flexibility in all aspects of your business and your life.

Bespoke Workforce Development Programmes

You will benefit from an in depth conversation about your business at which you will be asked insightful questions.

Based on the answers a unique and highly effective bespoke training programme will be designed, developed and delivered to suit your specific requirements.

You will have access to a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers.

An example of a bespoke programme is as follows:

Understanding and applying leadership skills.

  • One to one psychometric profiling.
  • Identifying and working with different personality types.
  • Understanding and utilitising team dynamics.
  • Understanding and applying language skills to influence others.
  • Styles of engagement with other.
  • Creating empowered followers.

General Information

· All of our programmes are delivered by highly qualified and experienced specialists.

· All programmes are interactive with time allocated for you to practice new techniques.

· Each programme is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook.


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